About Us

We are Tom and Nicola: two maths teachers who have had the misfortune to marry each other… subsequently developing an obsession with creating a learning system for maths in the form of an iPad app.

We live in Bath, Somerset, and when we are not developing DoodleMaths we are running our own tuition centre, where we utilise our 25 years educational experience bring out the best in children’s mathematical ability – skills we hope to have brought to DoodleMaths, too.

We have three children (willing testers!), season tickets for Bath Rugby, and an overgrown vegetable patch.

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    What a lovely surprise to have an email from Doodle maths! As a primary teacher I have found some of your trails and reports very interesting. My daughter is 7 and has been doing Doodle maths for 3 months now. She has improved her maths age by almost a year and is now far more confident at having a go with new maths concepts and is faster at calculating problems correctly. May I thank you for this. On another note we have yet to receive a report from the Doodle maths app. Every week it sends one but I don’t know to whom! I have tried stopping the service and starting again but this doesn’t work. Please could you advise as to whether it’s me or there is a problem!

    Thank you


      Hi Nicole, thanks for your feedback, glad it is going well. Apologies about the reports, we are in the process of changing the hosting for this service. The update in a few weeks will fix this, I am assured!


      Hi. Doodle Maths is without doubt the best Maths App that my child has used. However, since an upgrade and the new looking version I cannot get past the trial screen. I have purchased before but when I click onto the ‘restore previous purchases’ button it just revolves and revolves. I imagine if I clicked on the ‘buy’ button and purchased a second time – then that button would work. I tried to go to the Developer web page but the links on the page do not appear active. Please fix the ability to resore previous purchases and make it easier to get in touch privately rather than on this posts page. Great product. I just can’t use it at the moment. I am open to the possibility that I am doing somthing wrong – but i don’t think so. Thanks


    Thank you


    Hi There – We have android tablets and am unsure if you have this app available in the google play store for android? Love your blog. Now we want the app! 🙂


      Hi Jo, thanks for your message, we do have plans to move across to Android but they are in their infancy. We are probably looking at doing so in the next 6 months, realistically. Glad you like the blog!


        Please can we have an update on doodlemaths for android. Out of all the apps this is the one chosen by a under confident 9 year old and I cannot obtain it!


    Yes please to Android. We are buying our almost 9 year daughter a Hudl for Christmas. She loves using doodle maths on the family ipad and is always telling me the latest accessory she has bought!!! I know she will want the app on her own tablet.


    Hi- I really love your app (I am a secondary Maths teacher) but there are a couple of glitches. I am trying to upgrade to the full version but the screen goes dim and I am unable to click on anything. I also then tried to leave a review informing you of this and it wouldn’t let me do that either!


      Hi Lisa, it sounds like your iPad is running low on memory, I would restart it. Then when it’s running again, make sure in-app purchases are enabled in settings/general/restrictions. It should allow you to upgrade then.

      If you’re a secondary teacher, you might want to look at DoodleMaths for Schools which covers KS3 as well – you’d need to generate logins for students on our website dmschools.co.uk. Let me know if you need any help with this!



    Hi all
    Any update on this being available for android?


    I am in secondary school and I have to download it for school but I have an andriod device and not apple do u know if I can download it on my andriod phone


    Hi, sorry to nag, but I can’t see dates on any of these messages, so I’m just asking again about an android version. You did say “summer” above, is that summer 2014?


    Okay – just to put in my bit…. I can’t see the dates here either, and our summer here in Australia is coming to an end. For others reading this – the date right now is 25th Feb 2014. I was wondering if you might be kind enough to put a estimated date on that Android version for all us Droid users?? Thanks 🙂


      Hi Sam, thanks for pointing that out! We have almost agreed terms with an Android developer based on a design time of 3 months and a testing time of 1 month. This would realistically give us a launch date of mid-July for Android. We’d be happy to make this available for free as a beta version to those who might be interested, as long as you would provide a small amount of feedback!


    I’d love to test this for free or otherwise, we’re avid droid users and have been waiting for this for a while. Delighted to hear you’re getting this going on Droid. Wishing you luck.


    Thanks for the reply, and yes, I’m keen for beta testing ;-)… Er – My kids are I mean. Thanks. Have to say, though, your app and a couple of other educational ones have actually had me looking at buying an iPad, which is totally insane, as I am an Android girl through and through, with a house full of Android devices. I just get frustrated that all the best apps start with Apple, long b4 they come to us… Why is that…? Hmmmm… Weird.


    Hi, I (erm, my children!) would love to test beta too!


    We would also be interested in Beta testing an android version. We use it on iPad at the moment but our son has a Nexus and it would be fantastic if he could run it on his own tablet.


    Hoping everything is going well with the Android version – wishing you luck in the coming months.


    Hi there, just wondering how things are coming along with the Android version? Still keen for beta testing… Also, it seems you have a US and UK version… Australian version would be GREAT!! 🙂


    Hi would love to know if you are almost there with the doodle maths for android. It’s October now. Thanks


      Hello Walker,

      Thank you for your question. We are expecting the release at the end of November.

      For the time being, we have uploaded a preview for the beta version of the app on YouTube. You can watch the video via this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1gQvD6izj0

      I hope you find this information useful. Please leave us a comment if you have any further concerns. Happy Doodling!

      The DoodleMaths Team


    We are based in Australia and have purchased the App – now realise I need a password – can you send us one or tell us how we can now use the App? Mandy


    Hi Yvonne, please can you email us at hello@doodlemaths.co.uk with the email address that you are using for your home account and we will unlock and explain what to do from there. Thanks!

    angela childerhouse November 29, 2014 at 8:52 am

    Hi, any news yet on your release date for android? It is now the end of November and I still can not find any updates on this subject. Please hurry! Thanks.


    Hi Guys, my little boy has started your app at school, but he and I don’t have an iPad only Andriod, so short of buying an iPad (a rather sizable expense) we’re a bit stuck.
    However it seems that the ‘droid version will be out soon?

    Any info on a timescale would be great, Thanks D


    My son was working in the program this morning and came to subtracting decimals from whole numbers. He kept getting them wrong. When I showed him how to work them, he tried again. We even Googled the exact problem, 1 – 0.1 and verified our answer. The next problem, 6 – 0.3=, which we solved as 5.70, was marked wrong by the program. As might imagine, this is rather frustrating for a kid.


      Hi Patri, not sure this has been replied to yet. The correct answer to this will be 5.7, not 5.70. Whilst they are the same value, the important difference is what the extra 0 is there for. Since it is unnecessary, it is often then thought to be implying something else, usually that the number is only accurate to 2 decimal places. I hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with any other queries!


    Hello we have just bought the full doodle maths app but when we try to log in it says our account is locked we have been sent a password but it keeps saying the account is locked, could you please unlock it, many thanks Karen


    How is the Android app going, really don’t want to put it on my IPad but rather on my daughters Nexusa


      Thank you for your comment.
      I am delighted to let you know that DoodleMaths Android will will be released next week at the BETT show in London. You will then be able to download it onto your Android device.


    Hi, we purchased this four our 8 year old last year and it’s really helped him and friends have bought it too. Unfortunately after the latest upgrade it shows the splash screen then only a white screen. If we reinstall will he lose all his progress data?


      Hi there, sorry for the problem you have had which has affected a small number of people updating. The fix is to delete and reinstall the app. If you have set up a home user account after our November update then your child’s work program will be backed up online, which means you will simply need to select this once you’ve reinstalled the app, type in your email and password and the program will be restored. If you don’t have a home user account, there’s a fix which requires an update that we are currently working on.
      I hope this helps, please get in touch if you have any further issues.


    Hi, since the update my doodle maths app won’t work on my ipad- I just get a white screen. Should I unistall and try reinstalling or will that mean paying for the app again? Thank you for your help.
    Ps my daughter loves this app- I am a teacher and have been recommending it to all parents!!


      Hi there, apologies, the app does crash if it updates when it has been exited half way through an exercise – something we didn’t pick up on during testing. A fix is on its way, but a simple two-button reset should do it (press home button and side button simultaneously until the device restarts and Apple logo appears). If that doesn’t work, please get in touch on hello@doodlemaths.co.uk and we can explain how to fix it further (we’ll need your home account details).


    great app, but in the index it should indicate what lesson (s) have been completed. its hard matching against the report


      Hi there, this has been requested in the past and we will look into it again for the next update. I am aware that the Index is a very popular function. Note that your child will progress through the topics steadily and progressively if you allow each topic to appear in the New this Week whenever it comes available – this is tailored to each individual on what comes next in the curriculum – if something needs reinforcing, it will appear in ‘Added Extras’. Also you can add an extra from the parents dashboard.


    Hi doodle maths seems to have broken. It shows a startup screen I’ve not seen before, is this supposed to be an upgrade?


      Hi Mark, there has been an upgrade. There’s a new splash screen with our EZ Education logo that appears for a few seconds whilst loading. Then the app will look pretty different as it’s had a major overhaul, but the general principles are much the same.

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