October’s DoodleProblem

October 18, 2015 — 2 Comments

With one straight cut you can slice a pie into two pieces.
A second cut that crosses the first one will produce four pieces.
A third cut can produce as many as seven pieces.

What is the largest number of pieces that you can get with six straight cuts?

Have you had enough?



The solution:

Lets start with a pie that has 0 cuts – this has 1 piece


If we cut it once with a straight line – we now have 2 pieces


If we cut it again, 2 cuts – we have 4 pieces


Cut 3 gives us 7 pieces


Lets have a look at these paying special attention to the number of pieces added by each cut.


Cut 1 adds 1 piece to the total
Cut 2 adds 2 pieces to the total.

If we extend this on

cut 3 should add 3 pieces to the total
cut 4 should add 4 pieces to the total
cut 5 should add 5 pieces to the total
and cut 6 should add 6 pieces to the total.


Cut 4 gives 11 pieces.


Cut 5 gives us 16 pieces.


Cut 6 can make up to 22 pieces


6 cuts can make 22 pieces of pie – I’m not too sure I’d be too happy if someone offered me some of those pieces though!

2 responses to October’s DoodleProblem


    I have bought the full version and set up 2 children but the premium version is only applying to one child. Do I have to make a purchase per child?


      Hi Bundini, each child will need their own account and their own subscription. You will need to make another purchase for your second child’s account. Hope this helps! 🙂

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