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Draw nine dots on a page:
9 dots questionCan you join them with just four straight lines?

Hint…To solve this you have to think a little outside the box

Have you had enough?

The solution:

9 dots answer

  1. Start from the bottom right dot, draw a line through the central dot ending on the top left,
  2. Connect the top row, but don’t stop on the top right – continue on to the next dot if the pattern continued,
  3. Now draw a line through the middle right and middle bottom – continuing again to where the next dot would be,
  4. Finally connect the remaining 2 dots in an upward line.


Cell Phone City provides you the top apps for your young one’s learning, all available for either Android or iOS devices, or both. Here’s their review of DoodleMaths:


DoodleMaths (Primary Maths)

Give your child help with math problems with this cool educational app. DoodleMath is perfect when your child has a math exam ahead that needs acing. It follows a unique system that works on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and selectively assigns tasks they can to do to build up their knowledge. DoodleMath’s interface appears like a doodle book with a menu of math games, a pet character, and a searchable index containing useful information.

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