Launching our 30×30=3 Free Trial

May 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Whilst we’ve presented it poorly, we haven’t got the maths wrong! It makes more sense if we put some units into our equation:

30 students x 30 days = 3 months average improvement in their maths age.

Most trials don’t come with a promise or a guarantee. But based on the independent tests conducted in schools during the development of DoodleMaths, and the feedback from our existing users, our trial does.

Why does DoodleMaths improve results?

Most online/digital maths products are resource banks. On a pedagogic level, by simply replacing a worksheet with a game or online exercise, we are not doing anything radically different. In recent years, the ability to rapidly analyse big data, along with 3 kids insidethe advent of touchscreen technology and a better understanding of how children learn as individuals (and the development of algorithms alongside this) has led to the development of DoodleMaths: a learning system that mimics the actions of a good tutor. DoodleMaths identifies a child’s strengths, weaknesses and the pace at which they learn, and creates a work program to ensure they are always learning exactly what they need to learn in order to progress most rapidly.

How do I run my trial?

Sign up here.

  • We will process your application and set up your account with 30 free licences for DoodleMaths. Upload your students’ names and distribute their logins. They can log in to any device with the free DoodleMaths app installed.
  • Encourage students to do 10-15 minutes of DoodleMaths on a daily basis.
  • Measure their improvement in maths age. You can do this either by monitoring this through our own online teacher dashboard, or by using an independent assessment as we did in our trials (we used Hodder’s Access Mathematics Assessments).

Please let us know how you got on!

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