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You don’t need to work in education to know how important it is for children to read for 10 minutes every day. Primary school teachers carefully assess reading ability and send home graded reading books. Parents and carers listen to children read for 10 minutes or so, and each day or week the level of challenge increases.

The National Literacy Foundation found that just 10 minutes of reading each day leads to a child being 13x more likely to read at or above their expected level and makes a dramatic difference to their educational attainment.

Chip & Book
Until now, there hasn’t been a way for teachers to send home 10 minutes of daily maths tailored to the individual needs of each child – the photocopying, marking and feedback alone make it unfeasible. But, DoodleMaths does just that – the app understands the personal strengths and weaknesses of each child and delivers work pitched at the right level and pace; it’s marked, provides feedback to the teacher and can be done on any smartphone or tablet so no photocopying either. Parents just need to provide a quiet moment and access to a smart phone or tablet.* If 10 minutes a day can make such a big difference in reading, just think what we can do in maths.

This rise in standards isn’t just important for student’s confidence in maths, but it’s vital to our economy as a whole. Research conducted by KPMG in 2009, estimated that the failure to master basic numeracy skills in primary school costs UK economy £2.4 Billion per year. Yesterday, GeekWire reported on the jobs report from CareerCast, where 7 of the top ten best careers are in a STEM-related field. These  top jobs included actuary, mathematician, statistician, biomedical engineer, data scientist, software engineer and computer systems analyst.**

DoodleMaths can be purchased as a site licence for schools from £245 or by parents for £3.99 monthly in the the Apple and Android app stores.

*Ofcom statistics show that in 2014 84% of 25-34 year olds have a smartphone or tablet whilst PC ownership has dropped to 34%.