DoodleMaths now on Android!

January 20, 2015 — 11 Comments

…and the release of Version 2.1 – actually it is such a big change – let’s call it Version 3.0!

The big news here is that DoodleMaths is being launched on Android tomorrow at the prestigious BETT Show in London.  A new version is being released at the same time containing a complete visual overhaul to the app.

As you can imagine, on the eve of the launch, the office is a hive of activity with everyone working hard to ensure the best possible product is presented as this really is a huge release.

As well as the visual overhaul, the app has new games and the pets have been through a thorough detox and makeover at the spa – a personal stylist has even kitted them out!  Even the football now bounces as one would in reality!

If you wish to download the app on Android and and are already a user, you only need to download the app and log in as you did before and you can pick up where you left off. You can use the school iPads, mum’s iPhone in the car, grandma’s Android tablet at the weekend and dad’s Samsung phone on the train.

If you wish the children to cover a particular topic, for example, 2-D and 3-D shapes or perhaps short division, by logging onto the parent/teacher dashboard you can assign these to one, some or all of your children. The child is locked out of the rest of the app until they have completed these topics.

If a child hasn’t been using the app for a while or has suddenly made significant progress in the classroom, you may wish them to do a reassessment.  This can be accessed by logging onto the parent/teacher dashboards.  Additionally, you can adjust the work program up or down by going into the grown-ups section of the app.

The update also includes improved monitoring on the parent and teacher dashboards, as they now allow accurate real time monitoring thanks to improved communication between the app and the dashboards. Due to each child’s work program being backed up online, if you get a new device, have to change device or need to reset your device, the progress is not lost. By signing in again the work program is reloaded from the last time the device had a stable internet connection.

Finally, the app now has localisation so that you can specify from where in the world you are so you only have to cover the topics in your own national curriculum. We are happy to say that DoodleMaths is now use all over the world – including Uzbekistan, Finland, Australia, Dubai and New Zealand!

Why not Download DoodleMaths FOR FREE today and try for yourself!
App Store  Google Play Store

PS. That’s not all – DoodleMaths Secondary Maths will be available for download shortly – for a sneak peek visit us at Stand BFG4 at the BETTShow!

11 responses to DoodleMaths now on Android!

    Wendy Stewart-crosse January 22, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Please can someone contact me on
    Since your new update it no longer works on my sons iPad and he has been using it for a year.
    It’s a screen with 2 birds then goes to blank white screen and nothing. Please can you assist asap
    Thanks Wendy


      Hi Wendy, I am really sorry for the problems you and your son are experiencing. Our developers are currently working on a solution for this issue, an update will be with you soon as possible. I have passed your email onto our support team and they will get in touch with you as soon as they can

        Wendy Stewart-crosse January 23, 2015 at 10:02 am

        Ok thanks hopefully this will be soon as he does it often. Do you have any idea how long this will take.
        I did contemplate deleting the app and reinstalling it but I’m scared that it will LOSE his progress which has been a year now.
        Thanks Wendy


    Hello, my daughter carried out the update and it no longer recognises her login and occasionally throws a runtime sqlite error at the login screen.

    I have had to create her a new account as I did not want to overwrite any data which may still be retrievable.

    As with Wendy, she has been using it for a year or so and it would be a shame to lose all her data.


    Rose Richardson January 26, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Dear DoodleMaths:

    We have been experiencing the same issues on our iPad. Also, we have used the App on the iPhone for over a year and wanted to use it on the iPad. When we downloaded the app onto the iPad, however, we noticed it did not automatically correlate to what he was doing on the iPhone so we had him do a new assessment test on the iPad and found he was much further ahead. From that point we had him using the iPad app on a regular basis but when we installed the last update the app does not get any further than the opening splash screen. We would be happy to go back to the iPhone app, which has not stopped working, but it would mean his going backwards rather than forwards, as he had done on the iPad app.

    Would you please advise on how we may move forward on the iPad app and also if it is reasonable to have him do a new assessment to ensure he is making the most of the app from now on.

    Yours Kindly,
    Mrs R D Richardson
    Mother – Karsten Richardson-Horscroft


    The app doesn’t seem to be in the kindle store


    Hi. I’m so glad some of you received replies. My son was doing SATS the other week & desperately needed the Topic Index, which kept showing runtime error. No-one replied to my query, & it still doesn’t work. I have also bought the Secondary version for my eldest son & have the same problem! I would really appreciate advice. Thank you.

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