What’s in the SATs? When are the SATs?

April 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

If your child is doing Year 6 SATs this year, they will be tested in maths and English. The Science SAT paper was discontinued in 2011.


Maths SATs consist of three papers: Mental Maths (20 mins), Non-calulator paper (45 mins) and Calculator paper ( 45 mins). A few children will sit two additional Level 6 papers in maths – both of which are 45 minutes.

English SATs have a reading paper (1 hour) and a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling paper (aka SPAG test) which lasts 45 minutes. A few children will sit additional Level 6 reading tests and SPAG tests. The writing tasks were discontinued in 2012 and this is now teacher-assessed.

Children are not automatically entered into the Level 6 papers. Your school will contact you to discuss this if they feel it would be beneficial to your child.

Here are the dates:

Monday 12 May English Reading Test
Tuesday 13 May English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (SPaG)
Wednesday 14 May Mental Maths Test and Maths Paper 1
Thursday 15 May Maths Paper 2

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