Ten reasons why text books are outdated

May 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

Pile of TextbooksHugely outdated. It seems almost bizarre that most schools still issue them.

  1. Text books are heavy
  2. Text books don’t motivate
  3. Text books can’t mark your work or analyse your performance
  4. Text books can’t give feedback to the user
  5. They are one-size fits all – use them as a resource with a class, and the only way you can differentiate is by question number
  6. They’re expensive
  7. They get damaged
  8. They are an administrative nightmare to issue and collect in. They often get lost and are not returned
  9. They are made from trees
  10. They are boring.

It’s time that schools are funded to move on from this limited, awkward and anachronistic learning resource.

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