Writhlington School – Vision of the Future?

November 13, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today I visited Writhlington School to start our four-week DoodleMaths trial with a group of Year 7 students.

Over the years I have visited many schools but the quality of the buildings at Writhlington exceeds anything I have ever seen, both in state or private. It is a vision of the future, and entirely appropriate that every student in the school will have an iPad. They have the facilities, students and staff to ensure they lead the way in the introduction of tablet technology in schools in the same way they have with school buildings and raising standards.

Currently, Year 7 have iPads although whilst I was there they were issuing to Year 8, too. By the end of term, every student will have one, replacing the netbooks that they had previously. So far, the feedback is good: the netbooks were slow and fragile; the iPads, in their cases, are robust, fast, and already have a wealth of learning resources on them. Their versatility is the key to their success: the media opportunities are endless; text books are being replaced with iBooks; battery life means they are always at a child’s fingertips; full wifi coverage means instant research opportunities, and social networking sites are filtered out.

It will take other schools five to ten years to catch up, but they will – this is undoubtedly the future of secondary education.

Anyway, here are the results:

Student Raw Score (before) Raw Score (after) NC Level (before) NC Level (after) Hodder Maths Age (before) Hodder Maths Age (after) Change in Maths Age
A 15 2a 8 y 5 m
B 6 2c 7 y 3 m
C 7 2b 7 y 5 m
D 5 2c 7 y 2 m
E 7 2c 7 y 5 m
F 6 2c 7 y 3 m
G 20 3c 9 y 0 m
H 11 2b 7 y 11 m
I 2 2c 6 y 9 m

In about four weeks time, we will post the ‘after’ results.

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