What is your “maths age”?

July 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

The DoodleMaths blog has been quiet for a while since we’ve been preparing for release. Now we are up-and-running, we’re finding a great deal of interest in people simply wanting to find out their “DoodleMaths Age”.

This is not a new concept and there are websites such as Maths Whizz that already assess children in this way. Parents have long-had their child’s ability in the literacy-related disciplines of reading, comprehension and spelling described in this way. This is simply a way simplifying the mysterious-sounding national curriculum levels, sub-levels, attainment targets, strands etc. etc…

Your DoodleMaths Age is a comparison to the maths ability to an average child of that age. This means that in a typical sample, about half the children will come out with a DoodleMaths Age of above their chronological age, and half below. Two interesting points came out of the testing process:

  • The range of DoodleMaths ages from a typical group of Year 4 children (aged 8 to 9) was from 7.1 to 12.1. This indicates the typical range of abilities that face a primary school classroom teacher (not a surprise to teachers but perhaps to parents)
  • Of the (rather smaller) sample of adults who were willing to do the assessment, the average DoodleMaths Age was 10.4 (not a surprise to parents but perhaps to teachers!)

As well as giving parents an idea of their child’s ability, this also allows us to benchmark progress through the use of the app.

**You can download DoodleMaths for free from the Apple App Store if you want to work out your own DoodleMaths Age.

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