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iPads for Schools

March 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

I have already written why I think that iPads are better for learning than PCs. But there are other reasons why schools will adopt tablets sooner than we think.

  • Energy bills: the cost of recharging an iPad is a fraction of the cost of leaving a PC on 24 hours per day. It costs in the range of £30 to £100 per year to power a single PC.
  • Technician costs: no viruses, simple to use, little to go wrong: a massive reduction in the need for IT technicians on the payroll.
  • Space: a set of 30 tablets with no power cables will occupy a shelf in a cupboard. The computer labs will be redundant (freeing up more classrooms) and IT will be integrated into every day lessons when needed, and not as a stand-alone lesson.

iPads may be expensive, but they, and their equivalents, are coming down in price rapidly. When headteachers take these other cost savings into account, I think we will see them in use sooner than later.