Mathematical Prerequisites

November 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

So you want your child to learn about percentages? Well first you need to make sure they understand fractions – because percentages are fractions out of 100.

This is why, in the UK, the Numeracy Strategy was such a fantastic achievement. Finally, not only did we have consistency in terms of teaching methods, we also had clarity over what should be taught, when. Nobody should be taught a new concept without the prerequisites being covered prior.

All the most successful teaching curriculums, whether it be school-based such as the Numeracy Strategy, or a tutoring system such as Kumon, are extremely carefully constructed in this regard. In my view, however, most do not pay sufficient regard to one fact that every parent is familiar with: children forget.

It’s all very well ensuring that your child has learnt how to find 1/7 of 42, however, how can you be sure that he will still remember how to do this in a few months time when you ask him to find 5/7 of 42? The answer is, once a child has learnt a concept, it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis over a lengthy period of time for it to remain understood. New concepts are then learnt with ease because all the prerequisites are in place.

For this reason, DoodleMaths places as much emphasis on reviewing what has been learnt as it does on learning something new. For children (especially those who have perhaps found maths tricky in the past), learning a new concept can be a stressful experience. By ensuring that everything is in place ready for them to start, things become much easier. The app is intuitive -some children need to review their learning much more than others – DoodleMaths detects this and adjusts each child’s program accordingly. And if a child forgets how to do something, the app detects this as well and makes sure they re-learn it before they progress any further. Children are expected to review their learning daily, but learn something new on a weekly basis. See below:

As a result, progression is guaranteed.

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